The Picts and the Martyrs Marathon Reading

Photo by Alison Tordoff

Welcome to a special lockdown marathon reading of Arthur Ransome’s The Picts and the Martyrs. We’ve brought you live marathon readings of Swallows and Amazons (2017), and Pigeon Post (2019), and we were able to manage those on location in the Lake District. This time we bring you Ransome’s “lockdown” story, read by (mostly) amateur readers, and recorded at home on both sides of the Atlantic using whatever recording device came to hand. Most have used phones of course, but some have had to be imaginative. The sound quality is variable, but the enthusiasm for the story is obvious. We hope you enjoy listening to it.

A quick note on copyright. Arthur Ransome’s books remain in copyright, and we have permission from the executors of his estate to place these files here on the understanding that they will not be stitched together into one or used commercially in any way (we’d be grateful if at all possible you could listen from this page rather than download the files). There is a very polished and high quality Audible edition of The Picts and the Martyrs available here, read by Gareth Armstrong and we recommend you download that. This page will be available until the end of August 2020.

Chapter 1: Visitors Expected

Read by Eileen Jones

Chapter 2: The Visitors Arrive

Read by Caz Graham and Lucy Jerram

Chapter 3: Out of the Blue

Read by Jamie Normington

Chapter 4: The Dogs’ Home

Read by Alison Tordoff

Chapter 5: Transformation Scenes

Read by Amy-Jane Beer

Chapter 6: “She’s Here!”

Read by Geraint Lewis

Chapter 7: Secondhand News

Read by Duncan Hall

Chapter 8: Dealing with the Doctor

Read by Hilary Weston

Chapter 9: Harbour for Scarab

Read by Chris Routledge

Chapter 10: Pigeons for Timothy

Read by Christina Hardiment

Chapter 11: “A Better Pict than Either of Us”

Read by Jo Jackson

Chapter 12: A Signal from the Lawn

Read by Beth Pipe

Chapter 13: Tickling Trout

Read by Sarah Jones

Chapter 14: “They Can’t be Going to Sail …”

Read by Adam Quinan

Chapter 15: Launching the Scarab

Read by Elizabeth Walker

Chapter 16: On Their Own

Read by Hannah Collingridge

Chapter 17: Waiting for the Message

Read by Tim Shuker

Chapter 18: Visiting Seal

Read by Siobhan Routledge

Chapter 19: “We’ve Never Been Burglars Before”

Read by Becky Heaton-Cooper

Chapter 20: Police!

Read by Matt Addis

Chapter 21: As Others See Us

Read by Jen Scotney

Chapter 22: Plans and Change of Plans

Read by Caitlin Routledge

Chapter 23: The Great Aunt Goes to See for Herself

Read by Joanne Kieft

Chapter 24: Care-Free Holiday

Read by John Evans

Chapter 25: Totally Disappeared

Read by John Sparks

Chapter 26: The Hunt is Up

Read by Christopher Rosindale

Chapter 27: The One Thing that Mustn’t Happen

Read by Louise Barber

Chapter 28: Three in a Boat

Read by Mark Squires

Chapter 29: Great Aunt Maria Faces her Pursuers

Read by Sophie Neville

Chapter 30: Reward of Virtue

Read by Julien Foster