After Winter Holiday ….

A whole month since our reading of Winter Holiday. It was a real joy to sit in that room with its magnificent view and listen to people reading a wonderful story.

As most of you will know, this was our third live Arthur Ransome reading (a fourth was done online in 2020), and the fourth live marathon I’ve been part of organising; Moby Dick over three days was was my first.

In every case I’ve been struck by just how much respect and attention everyone brings to the reading. We all take a chance reading in front of others, and being able to do that in such a supportive group, most of whom are strangers to each other, is very special. Eileen and I thank you all for it.

Liz Wakelin, who you may have seen sketching during the reading, is hoping to use some of the pictures in a book project over the coming year.

We are very grateful to the fabulous Windermere Jetty Museum who hosted our reading.

We made a decision early on in this adventure not to record or video the readings, partly so that people wouldn’t be put off, and partly because it seems better to leave them to memory, but Liz’s pictures will at least leave a permanent physical trace of this one.Thank you again from Eileen and me for a wonderful day.

So what next? Of the Lakes stories, we have yet to read Swallowdale, so maybe that should be our project for next summer. Suggestions for venues gratefully received!

Swallows and Amazons (and Ds) forever!