Winter Holiday

In 2017 we staged a marathon reading of Swallows and Amazons on the lake shore at Coniston. In 2019 we brought you Pigeon Post, a marathon reading at Coppermines Youth Hostel, and in 2020, during lockdown, we read The Picts and the Martyrs online. Now, for January 2022, we’re planning to read another of Ransome’s stories, Winter Holiday, in which the Swallows, the Amazons, and the D’s plan to set out for the North Pole, in the footsteps of Nansen and Peary. Of course nothing goes quite as planned, but as always turns out better than expected.

Please join us at the Windermere Jetty Museum on January 30th, 2022, to read this wonderful tale of frozen wastes, icebound ships, seals and explorers.

For more information on how to sign up please go here: Winter Holiday

With thanks to Dave Sewart of The Arthur Ransome Society for creating the semaphore font in our header. You can download the font from here: Signals Semaphore Font


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